Service - Oriented Challenges for Design Science: Charting the"E"-volution

Hong-Mei Chen, Stephen L. Vargo


This article links service-dominant (S-D) logic and design science to advance service system
design, which is characterized by the indeterminacy of the design problems and outcome
measures. Although much progress has been made in IT and IS toward service-orientation,
these developments are often adaptations of goods-dominant (G-D) logic, rather than a full
transition to a service orientation. In this paper, the “e”-volution of systems design, transitioning
from G-D logic to S-D logic, is described and the IS design challenges implied by S-D logic are
identified. To devise new, service-oriented modeling, methods and evaluation measurements,
S-D logic endorses a fundamental shift in design thinking for design science from “bounded
rationality” for problem solving to “expandable rationality” for design for the unknown.


Service Dominant Logic; Service-Oriented IS design; Information System Research; Design Thinking; Design Science; Service Systems; Effectual Logic; Transformative Design; Expandable Rationality; Adaptive Design

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Chen, H. M., Vargo, S. L. (2010). " Service - Oriented Challenges for Design Science: Charting the"E"-volution "Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 2(1), pp.1-15.