Managing Knowledge in a Business Intelligence Consulting Project

Andreas Schroeder, Yulin Fang, Bryan Lee


IT projects require diverse knowledge resources, which need to be accessed, created, and
shared. The lack of these knowledge resources or their inappropriate management is one of the
main sources of project delays and even failure. The present case describes the situation of a
challenging, but to some extent typical, business intelligence (BI) implementation project at
Hong Kong International Airport. The case highlights the diverse knowledge-based challenges
encountered during the implementation of the BI system and its implications for the further
development of the project. The case is designed to introduce students to Reich’s (2007)
knowledge-based risk framework, which allows for a systematic analysis of knowledge-related
issues in IT project environments. As knowledge has become a critical source of both shortand
long-term competitive advantage for international enterprises (Fang et al. 2007), the
analysis points to the diverse knowledge-based issues as the root causes of several problems
the project is facing and indicates the complexity surrounding these knowledge issues.
Extensive background information on the strategic position of the Hong Kong Airport and the
potential role of BI technology provide the basis for further discussion and additional analyses.

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Schroeder, A., Fang, Y., Lee, B. (2009). " Managing Knowledge in a Business Intelligence Consulting Project "Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 1(3), pp.41-65.