IT Governance in Collaborative Networks: A Socio-Technical Perspective

Josephine L.L. Chong, Felix B. Tan


Research on IT governance has tended to focus on the issue within a single organizational envi-ronment. Our understanding of IT governance in an inter-organizational context remains limited. In addition, few have taken a socio-technical perspective. The aim of the study is therefore to empirically explore the impacts of socio-technical factors on the effectiveness of IT governance for a collaborative network by examining three IT governance elements: structure, process and relational mechanism.  This paper reports on the findings of the pilot phase of the broader study. The findings indicate that more effective collaborative IT governance is associated with an active involvement of a governing body; a co-ordinated communication process; and the presence of relational culture and attitudinal commitment.   Theoretical and managerial implications of the study are discussed.


IT governance; Attitudinal commitment; Relational culture; Communication process

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Chong, J. L. L., Tan, F. B. (2012). " IT Governance in Collaborative Networks: A Socio-Technical Perspective "Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 4(2), pp.31-48.