Understanding Technology Transition at the Individual Level

Rahul Thakurta, Nils Urbach, Anamitra Basu


The present era is witness to numerous instances of new technologies constantly replacing those that are being used, a phenomenon coined as technology transition. In this research, based on existing evidences, we propose a theoretical model to explain technology transition from an individual user’s perspective. Results based on validation of the proposed model based on survey data identifies key factors that may influence an individual’s intention to transition from a conventional computing device to a tablet computer. The findings have implications to both theory and practice which have been also delineated.


human behavior and IT; technology transition; technology use; tablet computers; digital innovation

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Thakurta, R., Urbach, N. and Basu, A. (2018). “Understanding Technology Transition at the Individual Level, ” Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 10(3), pp. 25-60.