Intention to Provide Online Reviews: An ExpectationConfirmation Model with Review Involvement

T Sai Vijay, Sanjeev Prashar, Sumeet Gupta


Online reviews have become a good source of information for shoppers with increase in ecommerce activity. Although research has examined various factors behind customer online review posting behaviour, the role of online reviews in further propagating online reviews has not been given enough attention. In this study, we use the expectation-confirmation theory for examining customer review posting behaviour based on their examination of online reviews from other shoppers. The study reveals a few interesting and counter-intuitive findings that add to research and practice in understanding online review posting behaviour. The study also examines the role of review involvement and its effect on shoppers’ behaviour. The results show that shoppers are more inclined to write reviews when confirmation leads to lower satisfaction. Theoretical and managerial implications based on the findings have also been presented.


Online reviews; Confirmation; Usefulness; Review involvement; Expectationconfirmation theory

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Vijay, T. S., Prashar, S. and Gupta, S. (2018). " Intention to Provide Online Reviews: An Expectation-Confirmation Model with Review Involvement," Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 10(2), pp. 25-54.