Editorial Introduction

Ting-Peng Liang


Crisis management is one of the application areas in which information technology can make significant contribution. Crisis is often a combination of time pressure and serious outcome if not properly handled.

The first paper in this issue by Sarkar, Wingreen and Cragg adopts the Agency Theory to develop a conceptual framework to identify CEO decision making and planning for IS resilience.

The second paper by Gupta, Kumar and Bhasker proposes an innovative product recommendation method that adopts a heterogeneous information network model to analyze personalized top-N recommendations using binary implicit feedback data. The method is evaluated with real-world data.

The third and fourth papers review literature that summarizes previous research on word of mouth and data completeness in e-healthcare. Issues surrounding online consumer review have become a stream of research topics in the recent decade. Many papers have been published and more research topics appear to be valuable. This paper surveys these published articles and putting together an interesting framework for understanding their relationships. The fourth paper on data completeness in e-healthcare is also very important for researchers with interests in studying e-healthcare.

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