Innovative Approaches and Solutions to Understand, Identify and Tackle Social Media Crime

Bernhard Jäger, Peter Leitner


The dramatic rise of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the last decade have also led to a marked increase in criminal activities and offences in such interactive spaces. These so called social media crimes include a wide range of phenomena such as spamming and defrauding thousands of people or arranging sexual contacts with minors. The authors of this paper developed a classification scheme based upon four clusters: Social Hacking, Social Scamming, Social Insulting and Social Agitating. Built upon and supported by an extensive analysis a framework was built which allows to group particular phenomena and built the mentioned clusters in a comprehensible way. Resulting from this classification scheme this paper elaborates further on a) how social media is mainly used within a particular crime phenomenon and b) prevention and identification strategies for social media crime.


social media crime; crime prevention; crime identification; social media; taxonomy

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