Editorial Introduction

Ting-Peng Liang


I attended a panel at PACIS in this July. The topic was how to attract high quality submissions to journals in the Asia Pacific region. PAJAIS as a major AIS journal, we would like to publish more high quality papers related to the IS community in general and the Asia Pacific in specific. I would like to encourage authors to submit their manuscript to PAJAIS for quick reviews.


In this issue, three papers are published. The first one by Sen, Nelson and Subramaniam applies the survival model to analyze the release of open source software. They use the open source project data to explore the impacts of OSS characteristics on the time it takes to release stable software versions. They report that when compared to the interest of developers in the project, interest of end-users has a greater positive effect on an OSS project progress towards stable release. The language used in project development also has impacts. Using C and C-like programming languages or a Weak-Copyleft license for the open source project negatively impact the project’s time to reach stable status.

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