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Ting-Peng Liang


User participation in Information Systems Development (ISD) is an important issue and has been found to influence on the success of the resulting systems. User participation may be realized in different forms.The common theme of the papers in this issue is the role of user participation. Three papers are included to explore user participation in project development, technology adoption, and website design.

The first paper by Beranek, Klein and Jiang investigates how job engagement affects job performance in ISD projects. They conducted a matched-pair survey of developers and users to confirm that motivation, role clarity, efficacy and training influence an individual’s engagement and practices engendering engagement enhance job performance.

The second paper by Teh, et al. examines how different user experience may affect the intention to adopt a technology, with an empirical study on the touchless technology in smart applications. It finds that direct and indirect experiences have different effect on user’s technology acceptance. It has interesting implications for future research in technology adoption.

The third paper by Issa and Isaias proposes a new participative design methodology for marketing websites toinclude user computer interaction and usability. As the purpose of a marketing website is very different from an information system for internal use, the paper offers some useful guidelines for developing more attractive and user friendly websites.

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