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Ting-Peng Liang


A major role of information technologies is to enhance services. In this issue, two papers related to service-oriented computation are published. The first paper by Lin, et al. uses the simulation approach to examine the capitation payment for healthcare services. The soaring cost of healthcare services is a problem for many countries and any change of the payment policy may have a profound effect on the system. The paper shows how simulation can be used to examine potential outcomes of a new payment capitation scheme.

The second paper by Lee and Hwang studies a data model for web service composition. This is important for cloud applications as more software products are going to be implemented as web services. The paper proposes the WS-data model and suggests that web service composition can be better optimized if Web service composition can be considered into data manipulation operations. They also show the value of the proposed model by experimenting on the Amazon Cloud Platform. The result indicates that the proposed model could resulted in more efficient solution in handling more complex tasks.

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