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Ting-Peng Liang


As the last issue of 2013, the journal presents two papers that cover two important issues ininformation systems. Online marketing is an important area in electronic commerce. Socialmedia provides a platform for many creative relationship marketing mechanisms. The firstpaper by Carol and Shirley examines social networking behavior of part-time blog marketer.In a case study on tourism blogs, they identified three different network pictures of tourguides: fan club, compliance, and creative outlet. They have different boundaries andinteraction styles.The second paper by Hung, et al. deals with a quite traditional issue: whether investment oninformation technology can improve firm performance. While it seems clear that the answeris positive, the paper provides new insights into their relationships. More specifically, thestudy found that IT investment has a positive contribution toward business performance, butthe maintenance costs have a negative effect. A time lag of two to three years exists for theeffect of IT investment to be effective. Furthermore, a non-linear relationship between ITinvestment and firm performance may exist, as the artificial neural network models provide abetter explanation power than the linear regression model.

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