Business Processes as Social Entities – A Use Case Driven Approach

Dirk Werth, Christina Di Valentin


Social media represents one of the most rapidly growing trends in information technology. Up to now, however, this trend has been mainly driven by private users, although in organizational context social media technologies would provide a multiplicity of benefits. This paper shows – based on a state of the art analysis – application potentials of social media in the field of business process management (BPM). The focus lies on the interplay between the subjects and objects of BPM and social media. The goal is to turn business processes into social entities with the capability to communicate and to take on identity. Based on a holistic idea finding process, several potential use cases are arranged within the phases of the BPM cycle. The results show that unexploited potentials exist particularly in the phases of “Business Process Design” and “Business Process Controlling”.


Social Business Process Management; Social Networking; Social Media

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