Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

The journal will publish the following types of materials:

  1. Research Articles
  2. Research Perspectives

Topics of Interests
Topics suitable for publication in the journal will include, but will not be limited to the following.

  • IS Development in Asia Pacific:
-Information systems in the Asia Pacific region
-Information systems in developing countries
-Government Information policies
-Cultural issues in information systems development
-Privacy and other societal issues
  • Information System Theory and Research Methods:
-Theoretical foundation of information system
-Research Methods
-Philosophical aspects of information systems
  • Infornation Systems Development:
-Design and implementation of information systems
-Techniques for System analysis and design
-Object-oriented design and web services
-Rapid application development
-Systems implementation and project management
  • Management of Information Systems:
-Strategic planning of information systems
-Management of information systems
-Computer center management
-Adoption and diffusion of information systems
-Information systems outsourcing
-Planning and evaluation of information systems projects
  • Technical Development in information systems:
-Telecommunication infrastructure
-Artificial intelligence and data mining
-Tools and techniques for systems development
-Computer security
-Modeling information systems processes
  • E-business and Other Applications:
-E-business and e-commerce
-Decision support systems
-Knowledge-based systems
-Mobile and location-based commerce
-ERP and supply chain management
-Internet marketing and customized services
  • Group and Organizational applications:
-Group support systems
-Power and organizational aspects of information systems
-Organizational impact and organizational changes
-Business process re-engineering
  • Other topics related to Information Technology Application


Information for Contributors

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